evening paper quiz

‘If you were kept waiting by a friend you had arranged to meet, would you (a) wait patiently and be forgiving when he or she arrived, so that you could both in the end enjoy the evening, (b) go on waiting, and have a row when whoever it is turns up, or (c) go home?’

Seriously, she pondered the question, trying to give a true reply.

‘Have a chocolate mint,’ he said, pushing the box across the table.

She took one, but, before putting it in her mouth, said, ‘I know you wouldn’t keep me waiting, except for a very good reason. I should wait patiently, so that we might both enjoy the rest of the evening.’

‘No, not just me,’ he said. ‘Anyone.’

‘There is no one,’ she said. ‘I can’t think of anyone else.’

Elizabeth Taylor, Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont